Tips for Giving a Comfortable Touch to Your Cafe Furniture

When opening a café for the first time, everything that you thought your restaurant would look like goes down the drain. Mainly due to the sudden thoughts staying true to the popular trends and often end up forgetting to add your own style to it. One thing that trends can’t change, however, are tablets and a perfect set of chairs. In fact, choosing a set of chairs can immediately make your restaurant stand out from the rest.

However, before considering to purchase chairs in bulk, there is a proper checking process that you need to go through. The level of comfort, durability, sustainability, style and material, all of these factors should come into perspective to achieve that perfect chair design for your café.

To help you figure it out, we’ve compiled important tips for you to add a comfortable touch to your café:

  • Importance of Chairs and Table for Setting the Perfect Mood:

In a café, tables and chairs are considered to be the most valuable part of the eatery – other than food, that is. They must reflect the exact theme or message that you’re trying to send to your customers. Moreover, they should also match with the interior of the restaurant without making it look confusing. For example, blood red furniture will not go well with a green and blue café setting. However, if done right, these set of tables and chairs can even set the perfect mood for the people who are coming in to eat. They will immediately get happy with the furniture and decide to choose your café for future outings.

  • Increase Comfort Level:

The first thing any café owner should think about is how they can increase the comfort level of their customers before they even decide to order something. While offering them a complimentary drink can help lift their mood, the main idea is to check the comfort level of the chairs where your consumers will be sitting on.

Getting chairs that are comfortable to sit on are the best choices for any café owner. Customers love it when they can get to sit on a soft sofa or chair. It makes them feel like home, and also allow them to happily eat their food without the thought of feeling uncomfortable. While getting soft furniture is essential, checking the back support and body fitting of the chairs is also necessary. Your customers can have different age groups, as well as different body structures. Which means you need to purchase furniture based on that.

  • The Height:

Checking the height and weight of your café chairs is important. A majority of customers prefer low-level chairs, while only a few prefer high chairs. The reason is that in a café, people come to relax and feel at home. To do that, they naturally want chairs that have a low or moderate level of height, for long sitting hours. You need to also make sure that the furniture you get doesn’t move or squeak as it can annoy the customers.

These are the tips you can use when buying you’re the perfect set of chairs for your café. If you’re looking for home-based home décor or commercial Hospitality Furniture Connections is the one for you. Who knows? Chances are that you’ll be impressing your customers almost immediately!

Renovating your hotel? Here are the Most Trendiest Furniture Choices of 2019

These days, hotel guests come with high expectations. From wanting to have the best and stylish furniture for their Instagram posts to having the top-notch chef-prepared food for them. The demands can sometimes be endless! To make it worse, most of them have their fingers glued to their smartphones and are ready to stamp your hotel with a bad review at any moment.

Although there’s not much one can do about their appetite, there’s definitely something that can be done for their expectations of furniture. In fact, furniture – which can range from exotic styles to comfortable at-home look is currently topping the trend charts at the moment. Not to mention that designers from all over the world have to balance these different styles into one in order to please the necessaries or requirement of the guests.

Whether it’s exotic textures or personalized styles, in the end, guests want a space where they can feel like at home. And to help you understand the latest and popular furniture trends, we’ve compiled a list below:

     1.  Oxidized Oak:

While it may seem like new trends include wacky styles, that’s not quite it. Old is always appreciated and what’s a better representation of old than oxidized oak furniture?

In 2019, people are falling deeply in love with furniture that is made out of oxidized oak as it gives a blackened and stoic look, while also providing the satisfying comfort look.

     2.  Luxe Headboard:

Although headboards is an old trend that’s coming back in 2019, people are reclining especially towards jewel-toned velvet upholstery that can give them a sense of sophistication when they enter their hotel bedroom.

     3.  Becoming Bold:

While some people prefer it simple and comfortable, others like bold and trendsetting styles. From white-colored pendulum swings to high-contrast patterns, people are continuing to risk their preferred interior choices.

     4.  Multi-Functional Furniture:

Most guests love it when their hotel furniture brings a joy of surprise. For example, a small table that can turn into a full-fledged office desk.

     5.  Handcrafted Authenticity: 

Both young and elderly guests love to see beautiful handcrafted furniture. It gives them a sense of culture and a remembrance from childhood. Even other guests who can’t relate will also love the authenticity of each art piece.

     6.  A Tone Blush:

Blush is the latest neutral tone that is being loved by both men and women. Mainly because the tone doesn’t seem to define any gender but still end up looking extremely stylish and lovely to look at. The tone also matching well with grey and natural tones, resulting into the room giving a calming vibe.

     7.  A Warm Hug:

These days, almost everyone has a busy schedule. Whether it’s businessmen or travelers, everyone wants to come ‘home’ to a cozy bed. Which is why, lots of hotels are now making their upholstered headboards, bed sheets and pullovers in a loose and comfortable manner. So that the room, instead of being just a place to stay, feels like a warm hug.

     8.  Go Natural:

After surfacing through the day with the magic of technology, in the end, everyone wants to come back to nature. After all, humans were designed to feel at peace when being surrounded by nature. Stores that specialize in furniture in the hospitality industry, such as Hospitality Furniture Connections, recommend the choice of furniture made out of natural materials and with a calming in 2019.



Gone are those days when food comes the first whilst visiting a restaurant. Now the ambiance and table setting matter the most when people visit a fancy or local restaurant. Waiters and managers are tasked to make sure that every table is well organized or not?


Each table has its own set of pacing spoons, plates, cups, and other utensils. Most of the restaurants that you have visited must have similar furniture or table settings that you must be familiar with the one listed below.


There are too many ways to organize a table’s setting that you should know what kind of setting suits your occasion the best. If you are having a formal occasion then its best to add that hint of cleanness that can reflect your decency. You can also get tables and fine chairs for your restaurant from Hospitality Furniture Connections. Every restaurant has its own variations and settings however the standard format mostly includes:

  • Table Mats
  • Plates
  • Centerpieces
  • Napkins
  • Glasses
  • Cutlery


Juxtapose to the formal setting there is an option available for casual variation that includes more simple table settings. As you know every restaurant has its own style that sets a formal and informal according to their design and type of their place. The casual table settings require more carefree touch and below listed depicts some casual styles:

  • Little less formal and spacious to allow every guest to enter.
  • Utensils or cutlery like spoon, knife, and fork are optional and totally depends on your need.
  • Absence of butter and bread plates due to the casual ambiance.
  • Napkins can be paced in any posting on either side (left or right).
  • Forks are mostly placed on the top of the dinner plates.


Formal and casual table settings are pretty common and you might have seen it everywhere but what about a buffet table setting. It is arranged for a specific occasion or a period of time mostly on requests. For instance, you have asked the hotel management to arrange a food table and make arrangements for it then the management mostly displays food on a table that people can take it from. It serves fine dining and a great experience which is quite suitable for big gatherings. Also, the buffet style table settings are pretty standard and include:

  • Buffet tables are mostly arranged with long tables that are joined side to side.
  • Decorations are mostly placed in the center on the table.
  • To avoid confusion and hustle, utensils and cutleries are placed on the separate table along with all the cups and wine glasses.
  • Everything is symmetrically arranged that typically starts from side dishes to appetizers, main courses, veggies, salad, bread, and deserts.
  • Tissues, paper, and cloth napkins are placed between each plate so that each person can get a napkin.


Who loves pizza? Well everybody is a pizza fan as far as you can think of. When you think of a pizza place following type of table settings come into your mind:

  • Let’s start with the basic set that includes 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 plate, 1 spoon, and one napkin or handkerchief.
  • The fork is always placed on the right side of the plate along with a tissue or napkin.